Summer fireweed tumbles out of everywhere

By Gord Henschel, North Island Eagle, August 12 2022

Summer has always been my favourite time to put some warm colours into my paintings; a time when fireweed comes tumbling out of everywhere. Not only is this my favourite flower but, in this painting, it presents itself in front of one of my favourite lakes, a lake that hides itself in the hills behind the mountain that we see easily from Beaver Cove – Mount Halsworth, The “Elephant” as we have always known it! In this painting, the mountain is not so imposing, since you perceive the back of what we view from Beaver Cove. 

My comment about Theimer Lake hiding itself is accurate because it is not exposed to a major road but must be sought out by driving down smaller side roads. Many years ago, its access was down a trail, through the woods, leading from a major logging road and ending at the lake a mile away. 

This painting was much easier to do since it was done next to my car. This painting, however, is from my archives, done a couple of years ago, when the road up to this area was reasonably new and used frequently.  

Just lately I was determined to replicate this scene, giving it a new perspective. I drove up the start of it with anticipatory energy to work once more in my field of dreams, blazing fireweed, to find in utter disappointment that the loggers had blocked it near the beginning of the climb to my old site! 

I will not, in print, repeat my exclamations, but found another fireweed emblazoned area. I have a number of favourite places on North Island but to ease my troubled ego, this is just not going to be one of them. Meanwhile, folks, I hope you enjoy this archival display. 

Rejuvenation - Theimer Lake).jpg

                                                                                                                                     Artwork By Gord Henschel