Johnstone Strait viewed

from Telegraph Cove

By Gord Henschel, North Island Eagle, July 23 2021

Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here forever. Painting from this place, many years ago, when there wasn’t even a road up here; carrying my paint box and palette was part of a long, uphill hike with an incredible reward view at its end; same as now! Today, however there are some major changes: I was not the only one, back in those days I mentioned, that was smitten by this unbelievable spot to view the enormity of the sea below and the snowy mountains beyond.

Time changes everything! As the Cove expanded, so did the numbers having an admiring look at this separate part of the Cove. In fact, it wasn’t really part of the Cove, but an adjunct rising far above the sea level. The American chap that owned that part of the Cove made it known that he would be willing to sell ocean-view lots along this section, but they would be expensive due to the enormity of digging water lines through the surrounding rock environment. The enormity wasn’t so enormous when you have an enormous amount of money. A new, paved road led up to the variety of available lots.  Slowly, the first building rose at the end of the first water line. Others slowly followed until there was an array of homes standing at the cliff’s edge; all with views that encompass more than what is visible in this painting.

Of course, I was curious to look inside one of these structures, wondering how they had merged their home with this incomparable view. My curiosity was not quashed – all I had to do was ask!

Not only was I invited in to see the phenomenal interior designs, plus, of course the view from windows which literally hung over the edge of the cliff, but also to have coffee! I don’t remember ever having coffee over the edge of a cliff before, but an artist has to be able to brag about his ‘firsts’ and this was certainly one of them!

You may want to have a look from up there to check out this story about this incomparable view. It is possible to still poke your way around the edge of the houses to have a look. Maybe there are still lots for sale!

Johnstone Strait from Telegraph Cove - 11x15 Watercolour.jpg

                                                                                                                                     Artwork By Gordon Henschel