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Rose Kochan’s grandson Tyler Howard is understandably a big fan of her crochet work that was for sale at the Port Hardy Farmers’ and Artisans Market June 27.




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Turning forest wood waste into sustainable materials

North Island Eagle, December 3 2021

Salvaging fibre isn’t a new activity on the North Island, but the economics of this activity are difficult. Most wood waste is not close to chipping facilities, therefore access and transportation can be challenging and often uneconomic. 

In 2019, the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC) provided close to $375,000 in funding to Kurt Leroy Trucking to develop fibre salvage and recovery projects in partnership with Western Forest Products Ltd. and Atli Chip Limited Partnership (LP). Leroy said the funding “enabled us to salvage waste wood volumes that would normally be outside the economic range from the chip plant and to recover wood that would normally have to be burned.” He notes the funding also supported his trucking company to maintain employment over a much broader range throughout northern Vancouver Island. The focus of these projects was to extend the economic range to recover more fibre and deliver it to Atli Chip for processing. 

Without this partnership, the fibre would normally be burned in piles, thereby contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. 

The current project is planning to produce approximately 23,000 cubic metres of salvage wood from two local tree farm licences. This is approximately 500 logging truck loads of fibre that would be burned on site to reduce wildfire risk. 500 logging truck loads equates to removing 830 vehicles from the roads for a year in terms of greenhouse gas reduction. The Atli Chip facility at Beaver Cove is a limited partnership between Atli Resources LP, Paper Excellence Canada and Wahkash Contracting Ltd. Atli is the forestry arm of the ‘Namgis First Nation. “We are very excited about the opportunity for Atli Chip to meet the growing needs of the industry and to acquire a business that we believe will have long-term employment, economic and environmental benefits for the ‘Namgis people and the North Island as a whole,” said Don Svanvik, ‘Namgis Chief Councillor. 

“The chip plant has hired some ‘Namgis members and is looking to hire more, as well as train some of our youth. The FESBC funding has assisted in the creation of the second shift at the chip plant - increasing employment.”



Photo —Atli Chip

Atli Chip Limited Partnership is planning to produce approximately 23,000 cubic metres of salvage wood from two local tree farm licences.

Local recipes in new Island Eats cookbook

By Kathy O'Reilly, North Island Eagle, December 3 2021

Kellie Dukes has realized a childhood dream. 

She has recipes in a recently published cookbook – Island Eats – Signature Chef’s Recipes from Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea.

“I started cooking when I was about eight years old before I even knew what fractions were,” said Kellie. She remembers phoning her mom to ask what ½ TSP meant.

“I love food, I love cooking and I love experimenting.”

She was always the child that would be taken to a restaurant and try anything on the menu, even escargots.

As an adult, Kellie went to culinary school and then worked as a chef at restaurants in Port Hardy but decided to give that career up due to the toll it was taking on her body, and her hearing due to the persistent background noises of the hood fan, dishwasher, etc.

In the new cookbook, that features recipes from restaurants from Victoria up to Port Hardy, Kellie has two recipes. 

“I have the smoked salmon sushi pizza and the smoked salmon goat cheese tartlets,” she said, adding Hardy Buoys Smoked Fish owner Carol Dirom approached her about submitting recipes to the project.

There is a little write-up on both women in the cookbook.

“Because it’s called Island Eats, the publisher really wanted to have representation from one end of the island to the other,” Kellie said. The publisher tried to get restaurants in the Tri-Port area to submit recipes, but received no submissions, so, she called Carol. Although she was looking for recipes from restaurants, she hoped that Carol would be able to help her out. Carol got a hold of me and asked if I could create some recipes for her for this cookbook. I said sure why not!”


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Photo — Kathy O'Reilly

Kellie Dukes has two recipes in the new Island Eats - Signature Chef’s Recipes from Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea cookbook